With over 30 employees trained within the company, Houle Sandblasting has been able to surround itself with dedicated and experienced employees in all departments, production, sales and administration. With its unparalleled level of quality service and its scrupulous compliance with contract specifications and schedules, the company is well positioned to maintain its leadership position in the industry field of surface preparation and anti-corrosive liquid coating. Its longstanding quality system was further reinforced by the NACE certification obtained in 1998. Surface preparations are visually inspected in accordance with the SSPC-VIS 1 02-12 chart and are also in conformance to the ASTM D-2200 standard. Profiles are also verified using Testex and a Press-O-Film tape, all in accordance with NACE Standard #RP0287. Dry paint thicknesses are tested in conformance to the SSPC-SPA2 norm for adherence to all customer specifications.