Over the years, Houle Sandblasting has demonstrated its competence and dynamism through projects such as the LaRoque Bridge in Valleyfield, the hydroelectric power plants of Hydro-Québec, SM1, SM2, and SM3, as well as the Beauharnois power plant, plus the Alcan, Alcoa and Alouette aluminium smelters. National Defence was so impressed by Houle Sandblasting as a company adhering to strict and rigorous work standards that they entrusted part of the Department‚s military vehicle fleet to the company‚s care. On particular projects such as CFA Granby, Houle Sandblasting was able to apply special coatings with paint thicknesses of over 30 mils dry on steel structures. On top of its demonstrated industrial know-how, the company has also made a name for itself in architectural and artistic projects like the Ottawa Transitway stations, several Cirque du Soleil installations and others. As far as businesses are concerned, Houle Sandblasting has had its share in the expansion of companies like Price Club, Rona, Maxi, Home Depot, Réno-Dépôt, Fly, etc. The activities of Houle Sandblasting in others sectors include work done in the oil industry for companies such as Hybernia, Shell, Ultramar, Irving, Interquisa, Petro-Canada and others. Houle Sandblasting is also able to cater to the needs of private households, when it comes to work to be performed on elements used in residential construction that can be processed at the plant.